Dinner Menu

Served 4pm-Close
(Lunch specials served open-4pm )

Ask your server for our gluten free options.
V+= Vegan, V= Vegetarian, DF= Dairy Free, GF= Gluten Free, TN= Tree Nuts, *= upon request

Small Plates

Dolmathes (V+, GF)

Hand-rolled grape leaves, stuffed with dill-seasoned rice, dressed in extra virgin Greek olive oil & lemon 8


Spiced beef meatball patties, flame broiled, served with tzatziki and pita 14


Lightly hand-breaded squid, fried and served with marinara sauce 14

Loukaniko (DF*, GF*)

Savory, grilled sausage, served with tzatziki and pita 9

Spanakopita / Tiropita (V)

Spinach, feta cheese & herb phyllo turnovers / Feta, ricotta cheese & dill phyllo turnovers 12

Falafel Appetizer

Patties of ground chickpeas & fava beans, blended with herbs, spices and onion, served with hummus & pita 12


Tzatziki (V, GF*)

Imported Greek yogurt, seasoned with fresh garlic, cucumber & dill 6

Tirokafteri (Greek-Fire Feta) (V, GF*)

Feta whipped with cayenne pepper, chili flakes and extra virgin Greek olive oil 7

Hummus (V+, GF*)

Chickpea / tahini blend with garlic, fresh parsley, red pepper, lemon & paprika 6

Taramosalata “Tarama” (DF, GF*)


Carp roe whipped with potato, extra virgin Greek olive oil & fresh lemon juice 7

Skordalia (V+, GF*)

Garlic potato spread whipped with extra virgin Greek olive oil & white wine vinegar 6

Dip Sampler (V, GF*)

A tasting of all four dips, served with warm pita 13

Salads & Soups

*All dips served with sliced, warm pita

Greek Salad (V+*, GF)

Combination of romaine, green leaf and iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese and Kalamata olives 11

Topped with yero, souvlaki or falafel  16

Village Salad “Horiatiki” (V+*, GF)

Wedges of tomato and cucumber, tossed with red onion and Kalamata olives, topped with feta cheese 12

Avgolemeno Soup (GF)

Traditional Greek soup made with fresh chicken, egg-lemon sauce & rice. Cup 5, Bowl 7

Lentil Soup (V+, GF)

Dark lentils, slowly cooked with fresh vegetables dashed with red wine vinegar Cup 5, Bowl 7

Land (Entreés)

Lamb Chops (DF*, GF*)

Greek-seasoned and flame broiled, topped with garlic butter sauce, served with manestra & fasolakia 29

Souvlaki Plate (DF*, GF*)

Marinated chicken breast or pork tenderloin skewers, flame broiled, served over pita, with tzatziki, hand-cut fries and Greek salad 18

Yero Plate (DF*)

Rotisserie beef & lamb slices served over pita, with tzatziki & hand-cut fries and Greek salad 18

Vegetarian Plate (V)

Spanakopita, falafel and fasolakia, with sides of hummus and tzatziki 17

Chicken Oreganato (DF, GF)

Slowly roasted half-chicken, basted with lemon, extra virgin Greek olive oil and oregano, served with Greek potatoes and fasolakia 19

Pork Medallions  (GF)

Broiled tenderloin medallions, topped with a red wine reduction sauce, served with mashed potatoes and bacon-wrapped asparagus with Gruyere cheese 28

Beef Sti Skara (DF*, GF*)

Tender beef medallions, skewered with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, topped with garlic butter sauce, served with basmati rice and a side of fasolakia 28

Lamb Youvetsi (DF)

Lamb shank, oven roasted with tomatoes, cinnamon & rosemary, served over manestra with a side of fasolakia 29

Greek Isles Spanakopita (V)

Deep dish spanakopita, served with fasolakia and Greek potatoes 18


Baked pasta dish, layered with ground beef, cheese, and bechamel, served with fasolakia 19


Baked dish, layered with eggplant, potato, seasoned ground beef, and topped with  bechamel, served with fasolakia 19

Sea (Entreés)

Aegean Shrimp (DF*, GF)

Shrimp baked in a flavorful tomato sauce with spices and fresh herbs, topped with lemon butter sauce and a splash of fresh lemon, served with rice and broccoli 24

Santorini Scallops (DF*, GF)

Pan seared sea scallops served over rice with marinara and lemon butter sauce , served with asparagus 35

Lavraki / Bronzini

Bronzini filets broiled with extra virgin Greek olive oil, served with rice and broccoli 28

Salmon (DF*, GF)

Fresh Atlantic salmon broiled with extra virgin Greek olive oil, lemon & spices, topped with lemon butter sauce, served with asparagus and Greek potatoes 24

Homemade Desserts

Baklava (V, TN)

Crushed walnuts baked within layers of phyllo dough, drizzled with our honey-cinnamon syrup 6

Mousse Sokolatas (V, GF)

Rich and creamy cocolate mousse topped with our homemade whipped cream 6

Portokalopita (V)

Fresh orange cake with honey-cinnamon syrup  7

Galaktoboureko (V)

Semolina custard baked in phyllo dough, moist with our honey-cinnamon syrup 7

Rizogalo (V, GF)

Creamy rice pudding, created with pure vanilla bean, topped with cinnamon 5

Flourless Chocolate Cake (V, GF)

Slice of flourless, chocolate cake, dusted with confectioner’s sugar 6

Karithopita (V)

Greek walnut cake, baked w/ our honey-cinnamon syrup 6

Kid Specials

Chicken Tenders with Fries (DF) 7

Cheese Pizza on Pita (V) 6

Macaroni & Cheese (V) 6

Spanakopita with Fries (V) 7


Manestra (V) 4

Fasolakia (V+, GF) 4

Side Greek Salad (V+, GF) 5

Greek Potatoes (V+, GF) 4

Rice (V+, GF) 4

Broccoli (V+, GF) 4


Hand Cut Fries (V+, GF) 4

Grilled Asparagus (V+, GF) 5